The Perfect Post-Christmas Fitness Regime

Do you feel the weight of your Christmas excesses weighing you down? You could join a gym, though you have to know that the odds will be stacked against you. There are only a rare few whose gym memberships will still be used by this time next year. You could buy expensive gym equipment and exercise at home – a valid option, but hardly the most inspiring. It can be difficult to find the motivation and keep yourself going through the long cold days of January and February. Instead, why not consider getting out there into the real world? Find something that you truly love to do. The best fitness regime is one that you love and will stick with. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your own personal road to fitness:

– Walking and Hiking

Whether you take a gentle stroll or a brisk fell-walk or mountain hike, getting out there are locomoting by foot is good for you and can take you to some places that will take your breath away – and not just because you have climbed a steep gradient. Consider those views as rewards and you will soon find that you are always wanting the next walk, the next challenge, the next adventure. Start slowly and built up – there is no point trying to climb Ben Nevis if you have rarely left your sofa for a while. Take it easy, relax and most of all – enjoy it!

– Boot Camps and Personal Trainers

Many people opt to go for the full works and join boot training camps or hire personal trainers. This can be an extremely effective way to quickly get fit and lose weight, however also potentially very expensive.

after xmas aerobics

– Cycling

Cycling is excellent for fitness. Why sit on a static bike in your living room when you could be out on the highways and byways, on hillsides and in valleys, through ancient woodlands and along dramatic coastlines? Get out there and see the world from the back of a bike. You can go at your own speed and feel the freedom of the road, feel the wind in your hair, experience the joy of a long downhill stretch and the pleasant ache in the muscles after a long ascent. Cycle on a weekend, or to work, or to the shop, just get out there in the real world and don’t be frightened to give it a go.

– Kayaking

Like the many roads of this world, the many rivers, lakes, Lochs and seas of this world are crying out for exploration. Why not consider choosing to take up kayaking as your new fitness regime. The whole new world on the water is waiting for you to discover it. You can get to places you would never see by car far more easily than you could on foot, and get very fit without even really noticing the gradual process.



Best Jogging Routes in Central London

Keeping fit and healthy is not always easy, but rather than join an expensive gym, why not consider getting out into the fresh air for a run or a jog, or even just a walk? Even in the centre of London, there are some lovely scenic and pleasant jogging routes to be found. So, to inspire you as you plan your perambulations, here are a few suggestions for jogging routes in the capital city:

– Victoria Park

Take an eight kilometer or so jog round the perimeter of Victoria Park, one of the most historic and pleasant parks in London, or amend the route to make it longer or shorter, which is easily done. The park is pretty and the air is relatively clear, and you will see a number of other people recreating in the morning before work, or lounging on a sunny summer’s evening.

– Thames Towpath

The Thames Towpath stretches on for mile after pleasant mile along this artery of the city. Set off from Kingston and head to Hampton Court Palace, or simply jog out of the centre of the city until you get tired, at which point you can easily hop onto a train at one of the train stations on the route and head back. If you get peckish during blackberry season, these fruit are bountiful along the path.

jogging london

– Central London Riverside Jog

If you want to see many of the most beautiful and famous sites of Central London, why not take the route offered by some companies offering jogging tours of the city? Starting at Tower Bridge and finishing outside the House of Parliament, this route winds its way down the river, crossing it several times. This is not the quietest of jogs, but the interest of the sights around could take your mind off the fatigue and keep you going through the crowds.

– Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

The wide expanses of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are perfect for a jog. Why not plan a route through the gardens round the Serpentine. Here in the centre of the city, the place will be bustling with life – plenty to see and do as you jog or run the route. Perhaps the perfect jog, as you can make it as long or as short as you wish, and an escape route is never far away.

– Regent’s Park and Hampstead Heath

If you are new to jogging, the short circuit around pleasant Regent’s Park may be enough, but if you feel like a bit of a challenge, why not cut up through Primrose Hill to Hampstead Heath, where many more route options for your jog then open up? For a real challenge you could try to tackle the nine hills route round Hampstead Heath which is very picturesque, but designed for maximum gradient and as an intensive training regime.

Whatever your age or fitness level, just get out there and enjoy yourself.